Monday, October 24, 2011

Jack Dorsey Biography

Jack Dorsey grew up in St. Louis Missouri.  What really interested Jack as a child was maps of cities.  When his parents brought home their first computer Jack instantly took an interest to it and began designing his own maps of the computer.  One quote from an article says, "He spent hours listening to police and ambulance radio frequencies, then plotted the emergency vehicles as they moved toward an accident or a hospital. As he evolved into a talented teenage programmer, he came to an oddly poetic view of this precise, orderly urban grid. “I wanted to play with how the city worked, so I could see it,” Dorsey recalls." (

Dorsey dropped out of N.Y.U. and worked for a company called Odeo.  In 2006 he told his boss an idea he had for years about having a service where anyone could write a line or two about themselves using a cellphone and that message they write could be sent to anyone who wanted to receive it.  This was the beginning of Twitter. Jack was named the CEO of the company.  Twitter today has over 200 million users and many other companies have been trying to buy Twitter for more than 8 billion dollars.  Jack Dorsey created one of the best social networks we've seen today.  People can follow friends and family and keep in touch with their loved ones.  Also people can follow celebrities on Twitter and see what their saying or doing.  It's a very easy, simple website to use and there is even an application you can install onto your phone!

Jack Dorsey Article


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